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Foreign Expert Positions Open

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Qingdao University of Technology is open to invite foreign experts and teachers to work in the university. Good health, good talent and good attitude to China and Chinese people are minimally required.

Currently five foreign languages are taught in QTech: English, Japanese and Korean. For the foreign experts and teachers who are willing to teach foreign languages, we are interested in the applicants who are native speakers of the target language, are sensitive to cross-cultural issues, and have at least one of the following:

(1)at least a bachelor’s degree related to the targeted foreign language

(2)at least two years experience of teaching the targeted foreign language

(3) a certificate in foreign language teaching

Science and engineering experts should have at least a master’s degree or a technological senior title. Rich experience of scientific and technological research is also required.


1) 12 - 16 hours teaching/week

2) Responsibility for curriculum and materials development associated with courses taught as well as input into overall program curricula

3) Attendance at staff development and in-service training meetings

4) Attendance at orientation, testing, and culminating activities

5) Submission of syllabi for courses taught; grades, student comments, and attendance record keeping

6) One year contract minimum

SALARY and BENEFITS include the following:

Salary commensurate with educational and teaching experience: RMB4000 -5000per month

Accommodation allowance: RMB 1700 per month

This language speaking staff to provide assistance

Free visa application, employee ID and residence ID

Travel allowances: RMB 2200 per year

International air tickets (for those with preferred qualifications): RMB 1000 --6000 per year


Lani Wang,

Telephone: +86-532-85071737 Address: International Office of Qingdao University of Technology , 11 Fushun Road, Shibei District, Qingdao City, P.R.China

Applicants may contact us from March to June of each year. Qingdao University of Technology warmly welcomes international experts and teachers.




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